Reason #70 – *existential connection*?

Somehow, we’re here. You know, humans are here on the earth. And as unnecessary as it seems, our sensory apparatus are built to perceive the natural beauty of the rest of what is here, especially in natural, open spaces like … Read More

Reason #71 – Our Visitors

This last week, I had over 40 people stay with me at CopperLine Lodge. These folks come for various reasons, but they all have one thing in common: graciousness. This community draws those who love the outdoors, enjoy good company, … Read More

Reason #72 – The Secret

Saratoga and the Platte Valley are kind of undiscovered. At least it feels that way. I’ve heard, “an undiscovered Jackson” 500 times if I’ve heard it once. Everybody knows about Jackson. So if you attend an event there, you share … Read More

Reason #73 – Cool Evenings


It will make you love our valley in the summer. Cool evenings-even in the middle of July. The temperature drops about 40° on average between the daytime high and the evening low. Great time for a grilled steak and veggies … Read More

Reason #74 – July 11th, 5am, 36°

Thirty-six cool, refreshing, life restoring degrees in July. Come drink it in. Feel it on your skin. A better way for your day to begin. Amin, …men.

Reason #75 – MUSIC!


Whether an outdoor concert on Veteran’s Island over the footbridge from the Hobo Pool or at The Yard (, or inside the 7300 square foot 400 seat theater at the Community Center (see reason #76), you can hear live performers … Read More

Reason #76 – Our Facilities

Platte Valley Community Center

Our community center has room: 31,000 square feet of it. And these are pristine, beautiful spaces with 20 foot ceilings and lighting simulating daylight. The Great Hall occupancy allowance is 318 people in 5621 square feet. That’s a banquet, an … Read More

Reason #77 – Our Weather

Cool nights and excellent sleeping conditions, cool days. I’ve sampled temperatures the last three mornings. 5am-46°, 44°, 45° in Saratoga. No matter how hot the day is (rarely gets to 90°), sleep cool at night. Normally, the difference between daytime … Read More

Reason #78 – The River

Spring run-off on the North Platte running through the middle of town.

The North Platte’s head waters are up the mountain from here. With 80° temperatures, the River is high. Listen to the video… When the water level is lower, you boat it, float it, fish it, photograph it, hike it, camp … Read More