Reason #81 – Running Errands

I can pick up hardware at Shively, a couple 2x4s at Buildrite, get the mail, pay the power bill and grab a couple groceries, fill up the tank and make a bank deposit, then make it back to the Lodge … Read More

Reason #85 – Scenic Drives

Clearing Route 130 over the Snowy Range preparing for Memorial Day opening.

Snowy Range Road through Centennial opens tomorrow. Skip I-80 and visit the Upper Platte River Valley via one of the prettiest, most spectacular drives in the world. Love.

Reason #85 – “Urban” Wildlife

Young buck of the Town Deer herd

You don’t have to stalk like a hunter-gatherer to enjoy viewing deer. This little boy, maybe 2 or three years old, is showing off his velvety new rack, still expanding rapidly, soon to branch into points. By the way, I … Read More

Reason #86 – Birds

A pair of Balds

Here are a few pictures I’ve taken of the bird life in our valley. There are dozens if not hundreds of other species.

Reason #87 – Our Weather

August highs in the 70s

Cool nights and excellent sleeping conditions, cool days. I’ve sampled temperatures the last three mornings. 5am-46°, 44°, 45° in Saratoga. No matter how hot the day is (rarely gets to 90°), sleep cool at night. Normally, the difference between daytime … Read More

Reason #88 – The “W” Word


That Wyoming starts with the same letter as the word “wind” may be coincidence. Probably not. Wyoming is famous for its relentless, mind desiccating wind. But our valley, which is exceptional for at least a 100 other reasons, is also … Read More