Reason #89 – Community Unity & Mutual Support

You won’t automatically understand that smile, or the pleasant gut feeling you get when you make a one-night stop in the valley.  So let me explain. We have a core group of citizens who have wrapped their lives with their … Read More

Reason #90 – Camera Seducing Scenery

Cloud cover on the Snowies

Scenes from my photo collection. (Proof that you don’t have to be an expert photographer or use color filters to capture unforgettable vistas, compliments of this valley.)

Reason #91 – Great Places to Stay

Besides CopperLine Lodge, there are excellent places to stay in Saratoga. When I came to the valley in ’91, I spent my first nights at the Hacienda. The Saratoga Inn has it’s own complex of hot pools, along with shops … Read More

Reason #92 – The Hobo Pool

Cold and Hot

Especially since the shower room remodel. You can’t import these things. You have to find them, and build your town around them. Thanks to the Natives who started the habit before Europeans got here. Thanks to our city fathers who … Read More

Reason #93 – Great Restaurants

Small towns and great restaurants don’t always land on the map in the same place. Not true of Saratoga. I’ll always remember the 12 barbecue beef ribs I ate at the Wolf Hotel in ’92. That was my first meal … Read More

Reason #94 – Pool Tournaments

Wyoming Open, best players in the world every April.

Pool tournaments that draw world class talent (with divisions for the rest of us too) several times a year. “In 2008, Mayor Ed J. Glode had a vision of bringing the greatest pool players in Wyoming and surrounding states to his … Read More

Reason #95 – Platte Valley Community Center


The Platte Valley Community Center, located in rustic and beautiful Saratoga, Wyoming, is the perfect place to host your next venue. From art shows, wedding receptions, and performing art to formal presentations and meetings, we have plenty of space and … Read More

Reason #96

Elk Mountain

Some people come to Saratoga again and again. Pretty often, they try to figure out a way to build a life here. If you’ve been here, this makes sense to you. If not, come stay a while. You’ll get it.

Reason #99 – Chariot Races

Chariot Races

Chariot races – did you miss ’em? Almost everybody since the Roman Empire has. Unless they come to Saratoga every spring! The 36th Annual Donald E. Erickson Memorial Chariot Races will be held in Saratoga, Wyoming March 5 through March … Read More