Reason #75 – MUSIC!


Whether an outdoor concert on Veteran’s Island over the footbridge from the Hobo Pool or at The Yard (, or inside the 7300 square foot 400 seat theater at the Community Center (see reason #76), you can hear live performers … Read More

Reason #76 – Our Facilities

Platte Valley Community Center

Our community center has room: 31,000 square feet of it. And these are pristine, beautiful spaces with 20 foot ceilings and lighting simulating daylight. The Great Hall occupancy allowance is 318 people in 5621 square feet. That’s a banquet, an … Read More

Reason #92 – The Hobo Pool

Cold and Hot

Especially since the shower room remodel. You can’t import these things. You have to find them, and build your town around them. Thanks to the Natives who started the habit before Europeans got here. Thanks to our city fathers who … Read More

Reason #94 – Pool Tournaments

Wyoming Open, best players in the world every April.

Pool tournaments that draw world class talent (with divisions for the rest of us too) several times a year. “In 2008, Mayor Ed J. Glode had a vision of bringing the greatest pool players in Wyoming and surrounding states to his … Read More

Reason #95 – Platte Valley Community Center


The Platte Valley Community Center, located in rustic and beautiful Saratoga, Wyoming, is the perfect place to host your next venue. From art shows, wedding receptions, and performing art to formal presentations and meetings, we have plenty of space and … Read More