Reason #71 – Our Visitors

This last week, I had over 40 people stay with me at CopperLine Lodge. These folks come for various reasons, but they all have one thing in common: graciousness. This community draws those who love the outdoors, enjoy good company, … Read More

Reason #72 – The Secret

Saratoga and the Platte Valley are kind of undiscovered. At least it feels that way. I’ve heard, “an undiscovered Jackson” 500 times if I’ve heard it once. Everybody knows about Jackson. So if you attend an event there, you share … Read More

Reason #76 – Our Facilities

Platte Valley Community Center

Our community center has room: 31,000 square feet of it. And these are pristine, beautiful spaces with 20 foot ceilings and lighting simulating daylight. The Great Hall occupancy allowance is 318 people in 5621 square feet. That’s a banquet, an … Read More

Reason #81 – Running Errands

I can pick up hardware at Shively, a couple 2x4s at Buildrite, get the mail, pay the power bill and grab a couple groceries, fill up the tank and make a bank deposit, then make it back to the Lodge … Read More

Reason #89 – Community Unity & Mutual Support

You won’t automatically understand that smile, or the pleasant gut feeling you get when you make a one-night stop in the valley.  So let me explain. We have a core group of citizens who have wrapped their lives with their … Read More

Reason #95 – Platte Valley Community Center


The Platte Valley Community Center, located in rustic and beautiful Saratoga, Wyoming, is the perfect place to host your next venue. From art shows, wedding receptions, and performing art to formal presentations and meetings, we have plenty of space and … Read More