Reason #70 – *existential connection*?

Somehow, we’re here. You know, humans are here on the earth. And as unnecessary as it seems, our sensory apparatus are built to perceive the natural beauty of the rest of what is here, especially in natural, open spaces like … Read More

Reason #78 – The River

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 11.10.46 PM

The North Platte’s head waters are up the mountain from here. With 80° temperatures, the River is high. Listen to the video… When the water level is lower, you boat it, float it, fish it, photograph it, hike it, camp … Read More

Reason #85 – Scenic Drives

Snowy Range Road

Snowy Range Road through Centennial opens tomorrow. Skip I-80 and visit the Upper Platte River Valley via one of the prettiest, most spectacular drives in the world. Love.

Reason #85 – “Urban” Wildlife

Deer in Saratoga

You don’t have to stalk like a hunter-gatherer to enjoy viewing deer. This little boy, maybe 2 or three years old, is showing off his velvety new rack, still expanding rapidly, soon to branch into points. By the way, I … Read More

Reason #86 – Birds

Bald Eagle

Here are a few pictures I’ve taken of the bird life in our valley. There are dozens if not hundreds of other species.

Reason #90 – Camera Seducing Scenery

Saratoga Scenery

Scenes from my photo collection. (Proof that you don’t have to be an expert photographer or use color filters to capture unforgettable vistas, compliments of this valley.)

Reason #92 – The Hobo Pool

Hobo Pool

Especially since the shower room remodel. You can’t import these things. You have to find them, and build your town around them. Thanks to the Natives who started the habit before Europeans got here. Thanks to our city fathers who … Read More

Reason #96


Some people come to Saratoga again and again. Pretty often, they try to figure out a way to build a life here. If you’ve been here, this makes sense to you. If not, come stay a while. You’ll get it.