Our mission: Ensure that no guests are exposed to illnesses including COVID-19 at the Lodge.

Step we’re taking to meet our mission:

  1. Sanitize our rooms thoroughly between visits.  That includes, bedding, towels, robes and all surfaces.
  2. Sanitize common areas after each use including the public use bathroom, doorknobs, countertops, seating areas, tables, etc.
  3. Reduce non-essential social contact.  Our favorite times are breakfast, but during this outbreak, we will make breakfast and leave it at your door.
  4. Provide hand sanitizer.

The Coronavirus outbreak is a crisis, and it is also an opportunity.  It is my belief that the disruption over the next several months will be a chance to re-examine our priorities and make decisions about the future.  With the realization that our fractious society leaves us paralyzed, we can come together and solve the biggest problems of our time, starting with this virus, and moving on to the toughest issues that our divisions have made so swampy:

  1. Healthcare
  2. Climate change and energy policy
  3. Wealth inequality

I don’t expect the best business year ahead, but we’ll survive together.  And the other end of this coming year will bring a vaccine, effective treatments and more important, hope and a new perspective.  What is most important in your life and mine?  The answers are clarified by challenges like this.