Reason #72 – The Secret

Saratoga and the Platte Valley are kind of undiscovered. At least it feels that way. I’ve heard, “an undiscovered Jackson” 500 times if I’ve heard it once.

Everybody knows about Jackson. So if you attend an event there, you share it with thousands of your closest friends who also like Jackson.

The events in our valley rival those of Jackson. In fact they are as numerous and amazing as anywhere. But they feel personal. The Cowboy Gathering. Wood Choppers. The Steinley Cup. Saratoga Bullfest. The Mountain Man Rendezvous. Whatfest. Rodeos. Concerts.

They feel personal. They impart the sense of your own private discovery.

Then, the outdoors. An osprey catching a fish. A noisy yearling elk caught on the wrong side of the fence. Mounted cowboys pushing a herd through your campsite.

The towns. A gourmet meal and a range of places to spend the night–the cool, clear night. “In this little community?” you think out loud.

Undiscovered. Better said, your own private, unspoiled discovery. Platte Valley. Visit for the first time, and end up curious, looking around at available properties, prices.

“Maybe we should retire here.” …did I say that out loud?

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