Reason #76 – Our Facilities

Platte Valley Community Center

Our community center has room: 31,000 square feet of it. And these are pristine, beautiful spaces with 20 foot ceilings and lighting simulating daylight.

The Great Hall occupancy allowance is 318 people in 5621 square feet. That’s a banquet, an art show, a 20 table pool tournament, or whatever else you can dream up.

Then there’s the theater. It seats 400 people and the stage, which is 2190 square feet, accommodates concerts, movies, plays, multi-media talks and presentations, and speaking events.

There are also 2 meeting rooms of 636 square feet apiece, and 2 classrooms with 375 square feet each.

The lobby sports a 360° fireplace, mounted trophy game, spacious bench seating and information boards.

Did I mention the 1050 square foot commercial kitchen? It can handle whatever you can fit in the Great Hall.

This is a beautiful, almost new building, the size and quality of which you might expect in a community 100 times this size. All 1600 people of Saratoga and the few hundreds others that share the valley are extremely proud of it, and very anxious to share its use with all who are interested.


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