Reason #88 – The “W” Word


That Wyoming starts with the same letter as the word “wind” may be coincidence. Probably not. Wyoming is famous for its relentless, mind desiccating wind. But our valley, which is exceptional for at least a 100 other reasons, is also notable because it is less windy than the surrounding area. I don’t have official figures, but I do have a way of convincing you that it’s true.

When the weather people warn of high winds, it’s almost always along the I-80 corridor. Well, we’re 20 miles or more south of the corridor, and that makes a difference. It’s a difference with implications for our comfort as well as our sanity.

When you’re in downtown Saratoga, look up in every direction and you see towering mountains and ridges. We’re in a hollow here, and the winds tend to skip over us. Encampment is protected in the same way. We get the stir of the air moving aloft, but usually not the direct currents.

Here’s objective evidence: look at or the National Weather Service and check the wind speed for Walcott or Rawlins, then check the wind speed for Saratoga and Encampment. Nine times out of 10, our winds will be 15 or so miles per hour less than our more northerly neighbors.

Wind. Actually the lack of it. It’s another reason to love our valley.

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