Reason #89 – Community Unity & Mutual Support

You won’t automatically understand that smile, or the pleasant gut feeling you get when you make a one-night stop in the valley.  So let me explain.

We have a core group of citizens who have wrapped their lives with their love of this place.  The word is INVESTMENT: total investment of their money, their labor, their families, their livelihoods, and their hearts in the land, the resources and the community.

Old Baldy Club

Take Old Baldy Club as an example.  In the early 1960s, a bare desert hillside was envisioned as a lush golf course surrounded by exquisite home sites.  Within a few years, Old Baldy made Saratoga more than just another little ranching town. It’s still there, the pine trees another year greener, the course inviting, the staff ready to serve.

Saratoga Ranch

Speaking of ranches, some of the oldest, most diverse and successful ones in the West fill the space between our mountain ranges, and many of them are still run by the families that homesteaded them in the 1800s.  Them’s deep roots.

The most recent development designed to WOW: Brush Creek Ranch.  Brush Creek was converted from a homestead ranch into a world class resort over the last few years, and if you keep your eyes peeled, you might see a private 737 jet land at the oversized Shively Field on the south end of Saratoga, and some celebrity whisked away to enjoy a week of guided dude-ranch/fly fishing/trail riding luxury fun.

And I can’t help but brag about this competitor: The Saratoga Inn.  It has a brewery and restaurant, natural hot springs, 9-hole golf course and driving range, rustic cabin rooms, snowmobile rentals–and so on–and has been treating guests for a hundred years, yet is as updated and unforgettable as ever.

Hobo Pool

I’ve already mentioned the Hobo pool.  But did I mention our town spent real treasure (over half a big bill) on upgrading that free facility?

These are just a few of the hundreds of examples of how our people pour themselves into our valley.  These leading citizens drive the train, and we all get to go along for the ride, even if you’re just visiting.


If you’re looking for partners to do business with, friends to network with, resources to build with, and a community to get behind you, Platte Valley has that kind of people.  THIS is why the Upper Platte Valley feels the way it does when you come here.

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