Reason #99 – Chariot Races

Chariot Races

Chariot races – did you miss ’em? Almost everybody since the Roman Empire has. Unless they come to Saratoga every spring!

The 36th Annual Donald E. Erickson Memorial Chariot Races will be held in Saratoga, Wyoming March 5 through March 6. The first races will begin on Saturday at 1:00 pm at the Buck Springs Arena northeast of Saratoga. Sunday’s post time is 11:00 am. An award ceremony, based on combined times will follow the Sunday races. The races feature chariot teams from all over Wyoming as well as surrounding states. These are fast paced races – only a quarter mile long — and two teams run at a time. Each team features two horses harnessed to a small chariot with a single driver at the reins.

Credits:, Video by J Campbell

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